„The payment is a bit over-complicated.”

„The staff were very helpful and relaxed and keen to the arrangements as simple and flexible as possible. Thismade it a totally stress-free holiday for me. ”

„The only issue I have is the method of deposit payment- international money transfer is expensive. if a central credit card facility was estblished, then payment of deposits could be made vis a cenral account and then forwarded to the aprtment owner cheaply and internally that way confirmation of booking would also be quicker”

„The time limit for returning the Confirmation Form is too short when sending from UK”

„Very helpful and professional.I would certainly use this system again. ”

„everything was so simple to understand it was very comprehensive.”

„we felt secure about reservation and appreciated the no- deposit policy. Trust was established quickly as a result.”

„The only comment on your side is you have a very good service and were very helpful to which I thank you. J.B. ”

„would recommend. Only 1 problem.You need to make the deposit payment method easier. Bank transfer is not a preferred method in the UK. Very costly and time consuming.”

„We had no problem with the reservation system. We received the answeres to our questions very fast. Thank You very much!”

„The system would be easier if confirmation of booking could be made via email rather than fax.”

„It was informative and easy”

„Very quick and efficient service”

„Excellent and very efficient.”

„Rezerwacja w porządku, szybciutko i miło”

„We were very content. Thank you.”

„ one of the best booking and information sites I have ever used on the net. Well done. We will definately use you for our next visit to Poland”

„As the only method of payment for this apartment was international bank transfer there were large extra charges made by both bank accounts. This possibility was not made clear by the website, although they were quick in replying to our grievances on the matter.”

„we were very happy with the apartment.”

„Very easy to book and prompt service, thank you.”

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