„Easy to use. Smooth transactions.”

„very good site”


„Almost perfect!”

„no comment very helpful and easy to understand thank you”

„a little circumstantial booking-procedure- but effecient and making you feel safe having several confirmations etc.”

„Efficient and uncomplicated! Quick to respond! Very helpful on site!”

„We found the reservation process fast & flexible. Respect.”

„Teh reservation system was very easy to use and very efficient.”

„Sending downpayment to the owner's bank account just doesn't make sense - it cost us a lot in fees just to be able to wire the money, and then we had some problems with the amount that the owner received, resulting from the varying exchange rates. I don't think in the future we will choose to rent an apartment which does not have a credit card/paypal payment option. Other than that, the reservation system worked great.”

„Would be better if you could pay on the main site without going to the AllPay site separately.”

„We are very pleased with how everything was handled when we contacted you by e-mail or telephone - thank you! ”

„spot on”

„Excellent reservation system and staff. The best we used for our apartment reservations in Prague, Budapest, and Poland. We'll definitely recommend your website.”

„Contract procedure was a bit too complicated and inconvienient. But responses from InTurs were always fast and efficient.”

„I found the reservation system worked very good for us and we booked in to our apartment hassle free.”

„Easy to book and you receive a contact name to call to arrange the collection of keys, all very straight forward and easy!”

„I thought the directions for getting to the address were inadequate. Even the taxi driver couldn't work it out!”

„We are going to recomend this to friends and family. THANK YOU”

„We will certainly use this reservation service in the future.”

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